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Simple pleasures


Headphones—listening to Schubert. Looking out at the cars passing below on the rain-slick road. Grey skies before a storm. Sliding into bed on a cold night. Looking forward to seeing your friend this evening. Cracking open a new book, reading the first sentence. Playing the piano alone in a pensive mood. Thinking of Chopin writing one of his nocturnes. Quietly wondering what the future has in store, mixing apprehension with hope. Remembering your first kiss. The soft haze of emotion after watching The Shawshank Redemption. Reflecting that perhaps you are wrong—perhaps there is a heaven after all. Thinking of the pride and joy your mother felt when she watched you take your first steps as a child. Holding your lover’s hand, not saying anything. Snow at midnight. Looking at the stars, imagining the immensity of the universe. Writing a good sentence. Stepping under a hot shower. Seeing a familiar face in a crowd of strangers. Air-conditioning. A breeze that is neither too strong nor too flat. Drifting to sleep on your cool pillow.

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