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The Origins of Patriarchy (11/20/23)


Postliberalism: A Dangerous "New" Conservatism (10/16/23)


Nikole Hannah-Jones, Frederick Douglass, and the Left (9/14/23)

Postliberals Against the Common Good (9/6/23)


Love of Freedom Defines the Political Left, Not the Right (5/24/23)

What "Security Threat" Does China Pose? (5/2/23)


The Left and the War in Ukraine (4/17/23)

The Second Cold War Is More Dangerous Than the First (4/2/23)


How to Rebuild the Left (2/22/23)

The Inspiring Outrage of Norman Finkelstein (1/28/23)


Only Class Struggle Can Save the Left (11/4/22)


"Race Reductionism" Threatens to Doom the Left (8/30/22)

The Myth of American Moderation (8/8/22)

Organized Labor and the Crisis of Democracy (8/8/22)

Common Sense in the Form of Theory (5/13/22)

Review of Why We Fight by Shane Burley (10/10/21)

Eleven Theses on Socialist Revolution (8/20/21)

Marxism and the Solidarity Economy: Toward a New Theory of Revolution (4/21)

Review of The Young Lords by Johanna Fernández (4/19/21)

The Rise of Right-wing Libertarianism Since the 1950s (4/9/21)

Interview of Michael Goldfield (11/23/20)

The Revolutionary Beethoven (9/25/20)

Adjudicating the Chomsky-Greenwald Dispute on Lesser-Evil Voting (6/28/20)

How Working-Class Americans Are Organizing in the Time of Covid-19 (5/26/20)

Learning from the Great Depression (5/21/20)

Revolution in the Twenty-First Century: A Reconsideration of Marxism (5/5/20)

The Coming Revolution, and the Necessity for a Rethinking of Marxism (4/30/20)

A Modest Proposal for Socialist Revolution (1/16/20)

Jimmy Hoffa Helped Create the Middle Class... (11/29/19)

Is Bernie Sanders Electable? (11/19/19)

The Life and Times of Jimmy Hoffa (10/30/19)

Capitalism and Existential Despair (9/7/19)

A review of Beaten Down, Worked Up (9/2/19)

It's Important to Always Ignore Thomas Friedman (7/25/19)

Political Correctness Is Getting Out of Hand (7/5/19)

An interview by Mohsen Abelmoumen (7/4/19)

Emergentism, a Partial Solution to the Mind-Body Problem (6/28/19) [written in 2007]

Renewable Energy Is Not the Answer; Nuclear Is (6/17/19)

It's Time to Embrace Nuclear Energy (6/8/19)

A Review of The Socialist Manifesto, by Bhaskar Sunkara (6/6/19)

The Coming of American Fascism, 1920-1940 (4/26/19)

Free Speech, Hassan Nasrallah, and Other Victims of Internet Censorship (1/26/19)

An Ode to Chomsky (11/30/18)

"Shelter Men": Life in Chicago's Public Shelters during the Great Depression (11/18)

Time to Vote Against the Greater Evil? (10/30/18)

On the Use and Abuse of Rage for Life (10/11/18)

Two Cheers for the Decline of the Middle Class (9/19/18)

The Working Class Strikes Back (8/27/18)

An Updated and Improved Marxism (8/15/18)

On "Bullshit Jobs" (8/14/18)

Capitalism vs. Freedom (8/7/18)

The History of the Workers' Unemployment Insurance Bill (8/3/18)

Thoughts on Overcoming Despair (7/25/18)

Glimmers of Hope: The Death of the Old and Arrival of the Young (7/5/18)

The American Oligarchy: A Book Review (7/3/18)

Imprisoned for a Day: A Personal Reflection (6/27/18)

The Stupefying Mediocrity of Barack Obama (6/6/18)

The Significance and Shortcomings of Karl Marx (5/23/18) 

Our Passive Society (5/4/18)

Privatization is Killing Us: Dispatches from the War on Society (5/2/18)

Popular Radicalism in the 1930s: The History of the Workers' Unemployment Insurance Bill (2/2018)

The Necessity of a Moral Revolution (8/8/17)

Optimism in the Face of Crisis: How the Left Will Win (7/2/17)

The Revolutionary Possibilities of the New Economy (6/13/17) [Also here]

On the Necessity of Marxian Methods of Scholarship (5/17)

Communism and Human Nature (3/14/17)

The Founding Fathers: "Neoliberals" Avant le Mot (3/7/17) 

Liberal Faux-Outrage over Freedom of Speech (6/2/16)

Homeless in Chicago: Echoes of the Great Depression (4/26/16) 

The Dismal and Hopeful Future (7/22/15)

The Value of Noam Chomsky (5/22/15)

The Anarchist Element in Human Nature (5/12/15)

In Kitsch We Trust (5/8/15)

Thoughts on the 70th Anniversary of the End of the Holocaust, Part 2 (5/6/15)

Thoughts on the 70th Anniversary of the End of the Holocaust, Part 1 (5/4/15)

The Historic Potential of the Fight for $15 (5/1/15)

The Future of the Left, and the Logic of History (4/24/15)

When the Government Views Its Own Population as the Enemy (4/3/15)

The Value of the Humanities (9/15/14)

Why Are We Privileged People Unhappy? (10/30/07)

The Importance of Activism (10/15/07)

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