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Throughout this website there are pictures linked to pieces of music...

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...because music reminds us that a better world is possible.

I'm a professor of history (U.S., European, and world) with a specialization in U.S. labor history. I've published articles in both academic and popular outlets, including the Washington Post, Dissent, the Progressive, the IndypendentCounterpunch, TruthoutNew Politics, Open Democracy, Tropics of MetaROAR Magazine, Class, Race, and Corporate Power, etc. In a previous lifetime I wrote poetry and fiction, some of which you can read on this website—e.g., The Book of Joe: A Satire of Capitalist Society, one of the few things I've written that I'm somewhat proud of—and long, turgid reflections on various issues of philosophy, a subject in which I retain a keen interest. But, as with many sane people, my major preoccupation now is concern over the fate of humanity, which is headed into a perfect storm of crises. Much of the material on this website indulges that concern.

If you take a deep dive into the site, you may find that it differs from the personal websites of other academics. I can only plead that, for some perverse reason unknown to me, I feel compelled to tell uncomfortable truths, which means flouting orthodoxies on the political right, center, and left. Society is upside-down: hypocrisy, stupidity, snobberycruelty, and general absurdity tend to define our world. We might as well be honest.

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