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 About the Author 

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Throughout this website there are pictures linked to pieces of music...

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...because, well, I like music and I assume you do too.

I'm a professor of history at the City University of New York with a specialization in U.S. labor history, and I've published articles in a number of academic and popular outlets (the Washington Post, DissentTruthout, etc.). In a previous lifetime I wrote poetry and fiction, some of which you can read on this website—e.g., The Book of Joe: A Satire of Capitalist Society, which is based on the Bible's Book of Job—and long, turgid reflections on various issues of philosophy, a subject in which I retain a keen interest. But, as with many sane people, my major preoccupation now is concern over the fate of humanity, which is headed into a perfect storm of crises. Much of the material on this website indulges that concern.

If you're interested in ideas on how to conceptualize a future transition to a different social system, here is a long article that lays out the main arguments in my book on worker cooperatives. (Here's a shorter one.) I'm a Marxist, but the fact is that any far-reaching social transformation is going to be much more gradual than Marxists have traditionally thought. 

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