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In an evil hour


You think about this world and you have to laugh, because you have nothing to do with it. You had no part in creating the universe. What right—what right did the universe have to create me? To violate my individuality like that? To steal from me self-determination? It is beyond disrespectful, beyond presumptuous: it is immoral. To conjure me out of the darkness:—I did not give my permission! But it sits up there, out there, laughing at me, at what it did to me, laughing at the little trick it pulled. Nero’s sadism was child’s play, crude and embarrassing: Nero was no Universe. What fascinating sadism.... To create a being and give it just enough insight so that it knows it is worth nothing, it will die and be forgotten, but not enough to understand why; and to make this being so that it is obsessed with an unattainable happiness, and an unattainable togetherness, with stifling distaste for the universal isolation in which it must live. The universe is an evil genius.

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