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Nature’s humaneness


When one has been attached to a girl for a long time but not in a relationship with her, but has held out hopes that she might someday change her mind and perhaps give one a hug or a kiss or something and even slip her hand into one’s own as one is walking beside her in the park like one does so often—the shaded spot in the park is a good place to be happy, especially in this spring air—and when one has thought about the feel of that dainty hand in one’s own with a certain longing, simply because the girl is lovely and talks with a voice that sounds like liquid crystal, but suddenly one realizes that she will never, ever consent to a kiss because her every thought is not of this girl whose voice sounds like love, or how love must is glad that there is such a thing as sleep, and that someday there will be a longer sleep, a very long and happy sleep without dreams....

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