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partygoing downtown in the club rousing

termites from anthill lairs crawling

backwards through space and time driving

uphill through space and time thumping

wildly wildly rumping to death beating

death pulsing oozing crud of spirit bumping

against sides of wet sweat fat-plowed hardly sticking

to sticky palms of sweat-smeared soul-thudding

sound beating like a meat mallet your pounding

head to pulp inside out from soul to body crushing

bodies in a slimy mass of slippery groping

under and over and outer and in her quivering

lips soaked with fat-perspiring

blood-condensing hip-grinding mouth-salivating

movement wrecking you in throes of deadening

ecstasy through screams of banshee-worshipping

dancers who scream like raping

raping in thuds of hollow violence killing

killing in the dark of drunken nausea ripping

knife-like through the mass of teeming

congealed shots of liquor

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